Popular Topics for Kids

I AM 4 Kids™

I AM… _______! How do you – or your children – finish that statement? It’s possibly the most important question a person can ask. The answer determines the quality and direction of your life. It guides every choice you make. It is the essence of who you are! It is your identity!

Over 50% of school children finished their I AM… statement with a negative trait or characteristic before going through the I AM… Identity Building Process. The following are actual responses from second through fifth graders before going through I AM 4 Kids: “I AM… stupid.” I AM… ugly.” “I AM… fat.” “I AM… unlovable.” I AM 4 Kids teaches our kids the power of deciding who they are and how to BE that person starting NOW!

Power to the Pupils™

This fun-filled program shows kids the power of words. Most people take words for granted, regardless of the language. Mark Papadas shows kids the impact that words have on our daily lives and their ability to achieve their dreams. After this presentation, kids will be begging for more vocabulary words. Language Arts just got fun again!

Never Give Up! ™

Mark shows kids that there is no such thing as failure. It’s OK to try and NOT succeed… so long as they learn from the experience and persevere. Using examples of familiar public figures and characters, Mark shows kids the importance of having goals, following your dreams, and NEVER GIVING UP!

Most Popular Topic for Parents & Educators

10 Secrets to Empower Kids & Awaken the Child in YOU! ™

Based on his award winning book, “10 Secrets to Empower Kids & Awaken the Child in You”, this program is a must for every parent, teacher, coach, and … anyone who interacts with kids on a regular basis. Mark shares ten simple and easy to implement strategies that empower kids and enhances the relationships with them in a positive way.